About Premier Zen

Miracle-zen.com is an online shop that sells the latest Premier Zen Products!

Many of you must be very confused about the new products from Premier Zen and whether it is from the same company as Miracle Zen or not… The answer is “Yes!” Premier Zen is the same company who manufactured Miracle Zen, but better and safer. 

These products are not fake! They are 100% authentic. We would love to hear how you like the product. Please feel free to message us if you have any questions or comments. Thank you!

Be aware of counterfeits! 

What is Premier Zen?

Premier Zen is a product similar to Viagra except that it is manufactured from all natural ingredients, is safer, and more inexpensive. Before herbal supplements and alternatives are authorized for sale, they are checked by various health organizations, such as the FDA, for their effectiveness and safety as a remedy to erectile dysfunction. 

About Premier Zen:

  • Much better Ejaculation Control, NO Limitations
  • Improve Volume of Ejaculation
  • Remarkable boost in Thickness
  • Boost in Length, Width and Strength
  • Encounter Rock Hard Erections
  • Raises Sexual Confidence
  • Enhances Intense, Explosive Orgasms
  • No prescription necessary
  • Doctor designed

What’s in it?

Cordyceps Sinensis: Cordyceps Sinensis is the initial ingredient listed. It is often used by years in Eastern Medicine for several numerous things. First, it is taken into account to strengthen the defense systems, improving the body to eliminate infection. This has been related to helping to build muscle tissues and lowering muscle fatigue – the major reason many sports athletes take supplements of the plant extract.

Ginseng: Ginseng is actually a typically used herbal ingredient in male enlargement formulas, and surprisingly, is covered in this Acai diet. That is due to its believed effectiveness in boosting producing nitric oxide supplement, a precursor to a guy achieving a harder erection.

Additional components are a follows,

  • Lycopene
  • L-arginine
  • Damiana Leaf
  • Miraclezen Ultraxshop
  • Guarana
  • Yohimbe
  • Maca
  • Vitamin-B12
  • Vitamin-C
  • Vitamin-D3
  • Zinc Oxide

How Does Premier Zen Work?

According to Premier Zen, this product works by raising the volumes of blood moving in the direction of the penis. This happens since the product’s components stimulate the generation of nitric oxide, a component required for the penile arteries to dilate as well as the soft muscles to rest. When this happens, more blood is permitted to flow to the penis, thus creating an achievable erection.

Since the herbal supplements have similar effects to the penis like prescribed medications, men may experience negative effects (like prescribed medications), but milder.


  • Do not use several capsule every 60 hrs.
  • Do not go over suggested daily intake.
  • Consult your physician before using this supplement.
  • Consult a doctor when you have heart disease before taking this supplement.
  • Stop using instantly if unwanted effects develop.
  • Always keep out of the reach of kids.
  • DO NOT take in case you are pregnant, have blood pressure levels, diabetic, or have some heart disease/problem.
  • Keep this supplement in a cool and dry place.
  • Do not use this pill with whatever may have nitrate in it.
  • In case you are presently under cure for ANY health conditions, please check with your doctor before having this supplement.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Note: Miracle-zen.com is only a reseller of these enhancement products. @ miracle-zen.com, we have as much information about each of these products as you can see on the pill, for more accurate information please read the text on the front and the back of the package.

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